3 Simple Steps to Help You Date Again

Even though you’re no longer the person you were before you started dating, you might still feel like you belong with someone in a relationship. Even if you know you’re not in a romantic relationship anymore, dating might feel like cheating.

Ask Yourself

Do you want to be with someone again? Do you want to find love and companionship, or would you prefer to stay single? Set aside your fears of dating or the idea that dates are miserable. Focus on the question: Do you want a relationship? Would you continue dating if it was fun, and if you met interesting people and experienced new perspectives?

If you’re not interested in dating, don’t date, regardless of the circumstances. If you are interested and want to have fun, commit to it. You’ve decided you’re not ready to give up. You want to have a good time.

When you’re feeling scared, worried, or nervous, change your strategy. Learn new techniques to manage your emotions. Seek help and healing.

Your Excuses Are No Longer Acceptable

You might have many reasons to avoid dating. Maybe you feel too busy, think you’re too old, or believe you’re not attractive enough. Perhaps you blame men, thinking they’re not interested in a strong, intelligent woman, only in sex.

But all these excuses stem from fear—fear of rejection, humiliation, disappointment, or being hurt again. Fear of the unknown.

By facing your fears, you can improve your dating skills and boost your confidence.

Here’s something important: You’ve decided to start dating again, despite your fears. You’re committed to never giving up. You wouldn’t have read this far if you weren’t.

You can and will address your dating challenges. Your fears are valid, but don’t let them control your desire to date. Instead, figure out how to overcome them. You don’t have to do it alone.

Get Help!

Dating is all about interaction, building relationships, and connecting with others. Most of us need help preparing for a date and dealing with the complex issues that come with dating after a relationship.

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